Blue Lightsaber Meaning Explained

Blue Lightsaber Meaning Explained

We've talked about the colours behind lightsabers in the past, but this month we've begun focusing on specific popular styles to explain the reasoning behind certain iconic colours. Last blog, we talked about what green lightsabers mean - so now let's take it back to the original classic by discussing blue lightsaber meanings. 

In the other article, we talked about how much of the significance behind a lightsaber's colour came from the now ex-canon 'Legends' series of books, comics, games and more. In this extended universe, lightsaber colour tended to denote certain types of Jedi. While this lore is now functionally extinct, there are still plenty of ideas behind colour choice for your lightsaber that we think are important. 

Blue lightsaber meanings in the Legends series

In the now ex-canon Legends series of material, lightsaber colours came about as a result of the crystal chosen by the Jedi. These crystals lent all sorts of colours to a Jedi's saber, from blue to purple to green and even red. 

In the days of the old republic, blue lightsabers were used by Jedi Guardians, a class of Jedi dedicated to lightsaber combat and physical feats. Guardians were fierce fighters who upheld the Jedi order and wielded their lightsabers with expertise and precision. 

Jedi Guardians were dogmatic in their approach, sometimes to their detriment - often overcommitting in battles where cooler heads should have prevailed. 

Later in the storyline, Jedi stopped choosing colour based on class and instead most Jedi began using solely blue or green crystals from Ilum. Eventually, the Empire banned the sale, trade or mining of Kyber crystals to try and supress any trace of the Jedi. 

Blue lightsabers in official lore

The official canon of Star Wars now sees kyber crystals remaining clear in their unattuned state. Once attuned with a Jedi, they take on a colour to reflect that Jedi's nature. Blue is a calming colour that represents peace, justice and balance. 

In some discussions, lore fans have talked about the idea of saber colours coming as a result of frequencies given off by a Jedi's emotion and inner purpose. Following this logic, blue is often thought of as a heroic frequency that stands against the darkness and opposes it directly. We like this idea, but there's no official confirmation of it. 

The real truth behind a blue lightsaber's meaning

Originally, the main decision behind lightsaber colour was solely based on George Lucas' art direction. George wanted red lightsabers for the 'bad guys' and blue for the good, setting the binary opposition of colour in motion for the rest of the series. 

In fact, there would likely have never been another type of colour had the team not decided to change Luke's saber from blue to green when he reappears in Return Of The Jedi. They did this because blue looked bad on screen against the bright blue skies of Tatooine - otherwise the only saber colours we ever saw as fans might have remained blue and red. 


What do you think of blue lightsabers? Does the colour call to you? We love a good ocean blue, but it's not the most common choice when we wield our own lightsabers.

Thankfully, if the mood does strike us, we can just activate the colour changing feature in every Saberzone blade. When we're feeling blue, we can choose it. You're never locked in to a particular colour with Saberzone's duelling sabers - so pick yours today and wield whatever colour you like.  


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