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Cal Kestis' Lightsaber Skills Explored

With recent news about the upcoming sequel to the excellent Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order being named Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, we thought it was time to have a look at the main protagonist of the games and one of this author's favourite new additions to the franchise in years, Cal Kestis himself. 

Cal is, as the name of the second game might suggest, a 'survivor'. In the first game we learn about Cal's past and how he survived Order 66, but I'll do my best not to spoil it for those who haven't played the game yet (though seriously, go play it - it's great). Cal is a skilled warrior and Force user, and is able to use his abilities to help those in need. He is a compassionate and selfless individual, always looking out for the welfare of others.

But also, Cal is one of the first Jedi we ever witness assembling, tinkering and customising his lightsaber. One of the best parts of the game was customising the lightsaber to match your preferences. This author, however, felt that one thing missing was an impact on performance: how cool would it have been to see certain hilts or colour choices change certain aspects of the saber in combat? 

Cal's combat skills vary depending on how you build your character, but with its Dark Souls inspired light and heavy attack system, you begin to build a rhythm as you play and become an acrobatic force warrior capable of slaying hundreds of Stormtroopers. 

Let's take a look at Cal's combat skills and his lightsaber choices by answering some of the internet's most commonly asked questions...

What colour is Cal Kestis' lightsaber?

Cal's original lightsaber is blue, a pretty common choice for most Jedi. Associated with Jedi knights since the original trilogy, blue is almost the 'classic' colour for a lightsaber. However, once you reach a workbench, you can change Cal's blade colour and enjoy total freedom. 

That same freedom is offered by our own lightsabers. All of our models come with colour-changing blades that can cycle through colours at the touch of a button. Like Cal Kestis, you'll be able to change your blade colour to reflect your mood. 

How strong is Cal Kestis? 

When you're talking in terms of strength in the Star Wars universe, you need to differentiate between physical strength and Force ability. Some of the 'weaker' statured characters like Yoda are tremendously 'strong' thanks to their affinity with the Force. Others, like Chewbacca, have no Force abilities but are extremely strong anyway thanks to their natural size. 

Cal falls more on the Force side of things. He's not a 'big' guy and isn't tremendously physical in his fighting style. He's around 5'9 and 70kg, so he'd be a lightweight in real world marital arts competitions. 

In the game, however, we see Cal throwing stormtroopers around like bowling pins -- which is largely thanks to his affinity for the Force and his skills as a Jedi. Cal is a highly skilled lightsaber combatant despite his lack of continued training. He's able to deflect and parry blaster bolts and lightning staves, as well as launch into acrobatic flurries and ground smash attacks. 

What lightsaber form did Cal Kestis use?

While the concept of lightsaber forms is not as readily discussed in the modern canon, we still love studying them. Cal's saber form is not officially stated, but we think it's a combination of Form I: Shii-Cho and Form IV: Ataru. Form I is the first style a Padawan learns and will be the one Cal was most familiar with before the Purge. Form IV is all about acrobatics and using the Force to supplement your physical style. 

Cal's training was cut short, so many of his moves are those he's either drilled into memory before the purge (Shii-Cho) and those he's either discovered naturally or learned along the way (Ataru). His master was also skilled with a double-bladed saber, which we see Cal using in the game - so both likely know Jar'Kai. 

How to make Cal Kestis' lightsaber


We're sorry internet, but this isn't a question you can answer clearly. What does Cal Kestis' lightsaber even look like, considering how much he changes and tinkers with it during the game? If you mean his original saber, it wasn't unlike the classic Skywalker saber with an added grip wrap. 

However, if you really want to embrace your inner Cal, then you'll also value his engineering/tinkering habit and build your own saber from scratch. Our Saber Builder lets you do just that - so go ahead and build yours to have plenty of fun before Jedi Survivor drops in 2023. 

(Image from EA press kit. All copyright belongs to EA.) 

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