Custom Lightsabers: Why Use A Lightsaber Builder?

Custom Lightsabers: Why Use A Lightsaber Builder?

In the Star Wars franchise, not all lightsabers are created equally. Instead, they are custom lightsabers built to the whims of their creators – using what materials make sense to that wielder. In real life, cosplayers look for custom lightsabers that reflect their own personalities and styles – but just like in the franchise, not all lightsaber builders offer the same level of customisation.

When you’re looking to create a custom lightsaber, there are a variety of elements to consider. If you’ve played Jedi: Fallen Order, you know that lightsabers can be broken down into hilt, pommel, emitter, crystal etc – but in real life the choices are often limited by the saber you buy. If you buy a saber and try to customise it, it might be built as one solid hilt – limiting how much you can make it yours. You can always add custom tape or colour, but you’re still ‘locked-in’ to a style.

The alternative is to buy lightsabers that have interchangeable parts – but these are often less durable than solid combat lightsabers and cannot withstand the kind of active battling many cosplayers enjoy. And really, who wants a lightsaber that falls apart when you hit it off things?

Enter our new Saber Builder

We’ve created a custom lightsaber builder that lets you change every part of a saber to your own tastes, then receive a solidly built, durable battle-ready saber. With our builder, you can customise everything, including:

  • Hilt/Grip: How a saber feels in your hand is of primary concern to a Jedi – it must resonate with your own will and feel harmonious. With our choice of hilt styles, you can select something that suits your own cosplay style.
  • Pommel: The pommel of a saber helps give it shape, with recognisable examples such as Passion & Strength giving a lightsaber its own identity.
  • Emitter: The blade emitter, or blade shroud, guards the wielder from the energy of a saber. For cosplayers, the cosmetic choice of emitter helps influence the final look of the saber.
  • Switch: The switch activates the saber, but also helps solidify the look of the hilt. Iconic examples such as Anakin’s red button or Luke’s slide button really typify the difference a switch shape makes.
  • Blade: In the franchise, the blade length is dictated by the saber’s settings. In real life, unfortunately, you have to choose which length of blade you want for your saber. Our saber builder offers a variety of blade lengths – all of which are made with riot-shield polycarbonate to withstand heavy duelling.
  • Electronics: In Star Wars, the force-user assembles their own saber. In real life, we do the hard work for you and perform all the wiring required to create a saber that offers full SFX and colour-changing. With our saber builder, you aren’t bound to one colour forever – you can freely change at the touch of a button.


Choose our lightsaber builder to create the custom lightsaber you’ve always wanted. Get a saber personalised exactly to your own choices, shipped directly to your door. If you feel ready for the challenge, young padawan, head to our Saber Builder now and begin assembling your saber.

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