How To Use Our Lightsaber Builder

How To Use Our Lightsaber Builder

We've all yearned for our very own lightsabers - customised to our specifications and built to reflect our fighting style and personalities. How many times have you wondered which lightsaber colour you'd have? What kind of lightsaber form you'd adopt and whether you'd have any special adaptions like a double-bladed saber or Kylo Ren's crossguards. 

Our Saber Builder™ was made after we'd played a little too much of Jedi Fallen Order and really fallen in love with the lightsaber building function on that game. If you haven't played Fallen Order, check it out on our list of the best Star Wars video games and get yourself involved - believe us, it's worth it.

If you'd like your very own custom lightsaber, our lightsaber builder is the best way to quickly personalise a saber whilst retaining some great elements shared by all of our sabers including:

  • Colour changing as standard: you don't need to be 'locked' in to one colour blade. All of our sabers come with colour changing options that include red, green, blue, yellow and purple. 
  • Lightsaber clash effects: all sabers come with flash-on-clash and SFX to reflect the impact of battling and make cosplay even more convincing. 
  • Excellent warranty: get a free 1 year replacement warranty when you buy from us for total peace of mind.

With all of that said, do you want to get started with the saber builder? Read below to find out how. 

How To Use Our Saber Builder

1. Open a new window to our Saber Builder page by clicking the name.

2. Choose your pommel by selecting the options that display below. Each is named in tribute to Fallen Order. You'll see the image change to reflect your choice.

3. Carry on by clicking into each section and choosing your style. Make sure you've chosen a pommel, grip, switch, emitter, blade and electrics. Remember which options you've picked so you can review at cart.

4. The image will reflect your choices. If there are any issues, please email 

5. Click 'Continue to summary' to progress to the checkout. There, you can check your options and progress to a purchase.

6. Once you've submitted your payment, we'll get to work on assembling your saber. As it's a unique build you've chosen yourself, you'll have to wait a little while as we build your blade - but we deliver our sabers via tracked worldwide shipping up to 5X faster than our competitors. 

What are you waiting for? Get started with our lightsaber builder today and enjoy a totally unique lightsaber that is made for duelling, cosplay and to proudly display in your home. 

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How do I orders different length of blade?

Ryan Seitzinger

Hi, your lightsabers are for battle, or just for costumes?

Hanssel Casillas

I want a lightsaber for compatition

Alphonso Frett
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