Learn the Force: Types of Jedi & Jedi Classes

Learn the Force: Types of Jedi & Jedi Classes

In the world of Star Wars, Jedi are not all the same. While the mystical warrior monks all share certain aesthetic similarities (the robes, the lightsaber and the use of the force) there are some very different types of Jedi on display throughout the entire franchise.

In the golden age of the Jedi, known as the Old Republic, the Jedi were at the zenith of their power and influence. During this time, there were distinct Jedi classes which affected both how the Jedi acted, how they fought and what their roles were. 

So, because you're here for a lightsaber that makes you feel like a Jedi, you should also understand what different types of Jedi there were and crucially, how they fought. 

Jedi Padawan

We won't bother mentioning younglings as a class, because well...they're not one? After a youngling has passed initiate trials, they become a Jedi Padawan and this is where the real training begins. 

Jedi Padawan are seen often in the franchise, most notably in episodes I and II when you see Obi Wan as a Padawan apprenticed to Qui Gon. After he becomes a knight, Anakin Skywalker becomes a Padawan to Obi wan in perhaps the worst move of all time.

Originally, Jedi masters chose their own Padawan - but the Clone Wars changed this to a system whereby the council assigned Padawan to Jedi of their choosing. (Gee, we wonder why...) 

Padawan lightsabers: at this early stage, Jedi begin to construct their own lightsabers. If you want to replicate this sense of just starting out, try out saber builder to build a saber of your own. If you have a little Padawan at home, our child friendly apprentice sabers are perfect. 

Jedi Knight

A full Jedi knight is someone who has passed their trials and is sent out into the galaxy to uphold peace and maintain the Jedi code. Some Jedi, like Obi Wan Kenobi, were elevated to the rank without having to pass the trials by instead doing a 'heroic' act. 

However, Jedi knights are not all made equally. Instead, knights went into sub-classes depending on their abilities and personalities. This is where the real types of Jedi were decided and Jedi classes were enforced...

Jedi Consular

Jedi Consular's were focused on their connection to the Force, becoming masters of themselves and the balance required to wield it most effectively. Qui Gonn Jinn was an on-screen example of a consular who got it right, a diplomatic man who exemplified the peace and calm that represent the Jedi.

Consulars became many things in the order - with some acting as diplomats, some as Jedi seers and some as healers. Green lightsabers were commonly wielded by consulars, with green meant to represent  their force ability.

Jedi Sentinel

Jedi Sentinels are slightly odd. They pursue non-force orientated disciplines, giving rise to Sentinels who are experts in machinery and hacking, or stealth and infiltration. It's little surprise that sentinels are often used as spies or assassins by the order. 

The term 'sentinel' comes from the fact that many sentinels are placed as watchers in parts of the galaxy - where they remain in their post far longer than any consular or guardian. Jedi Sentinels were often associated with yellow lightsabers, but as we have discussed in our lightsaber colour guide, the shade is not exclusive to them. 

Jedi Guardian

Guardians are the stereotypical Jedi class, concerned with lightsaber combat forms and ship fighting. They were the soldiery of the Jedi order who acted as the Republic's 'guardians' - hence the name. Guardians were either assigned as peacekeepers, security, starfighters or battlemasters who trained other Jedi lightsaber combat forms. 

Many Jedi guardians experimented with other weapons such as glaives, saber staffs and the famous double-bladed lightsaber. 

Jedi Master


Regardless of their class, a Jedi Master is someone who ascends to a level of mastery in the force and in their skills - becoming an exemplar of the Jedi order and its values. The High Council is in charge of promoting people to Jedi Masters and it is ultimately their decision who is raised to the rank. Once given the title, a master may be chosen to attend the Jedi council or rise even further to the rank of Grand Master.


What Star Wars Jedi class do you think you'd be a part of? Are you more of a spiritual type, or do you prefer the no-frills duellist approach of a Jedi Guardian? There are many types of Jedi - but all share the wielding of the Galaxy's most iconic weapon - the lightsaber. Click here to get yours and claim your destiny. 


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