Mandalorian S2: Everything you need to know about The Darksaber

Mandalorian S2: Everything you need to know about The Darksaber

The Darksaber is here. Revealed at the end of The Mandalorian season 1, this ancient and revered saber of clan Mandalore is something only die-hard Star Wars fans really know about. Considering its cool looking black blade and relative obscurity, it’s no surprise that the internet is awash with questions about the Darksaber’s origin.

But what is the Darksaber? Why is it back in The Mandalorian? Why are fans so excited by it?

Let’s dive in and find out.

What is the Darksaber?

The Darksaber is an ancient saber forged by Tarre Vizsla, who was the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. The saber is unique in its appearance as it is the only lightsaber with a black blade. When Tarre Vizsla passed, the Jedi kept the saber but it was then stolen by his descendants. It was wielded in turn by Pre Vizsla and then Darth Maul – before ultimately falling back into obscurity. However, as The Mandalorian has revealed, the Darksaber is being wielded once again.

Darksaber vs Lightsaber

The Darksaber’s design is quite different to a standard lightsaber. The blade is shorter than a traditional saber and it is shaped more like a real sword. The hand guard, blade emitter and pommel are all styled around the Mandalorian clans.

The Darksaber is able to parry lightsaber blows and has a magnetic pull that draws blades to it, making it an amazing lightsaber for duelling in the Star Wars universe.

Does the Darksaber have a kyber crystal?

Like all lightsabers the Darksaber is indeed powered by a kyber crystal which gives it its colour. There is no specific reason why the Darksaber is the only black-bladed example – perhaps Tarre Vizsla discovered a crystal unlike any other, or perhaps when bonding with the crystal he had a unique character trait no one else has ever replicated.

Who has the Darksaber?

The current wielder of the Darksaber is the intimidating Moff Gideon – who was an officer in the empire before its collapse and retains some remnants of their military might at his command. Little is known of Moff Gideon so far, but when The Mandalorian Season 2 drops at the end of October 2020, we’re sure to find out!

What is the best Darksaber prop?

The Darksaber is a beast of a saberand deserves a replica that can withstand the sort of martial punishment respected by the Mandalorians. The best Darksaber prop therefore requires immense durability that means it can stand up to the test of time and withstand any battle you throw at it.

Many of our sabers have similar profile to the iconic saber, with designs made from riot-grade polycarbonate and designed to evoke the ‘sword’ style of the saber compared to a more traditional lightsaber design.

If you want to wield the Darksaber and feel like you’ve got Mandalore’s most treasured saber in your hands, shop our sabers today. 



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