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Star Wars Christmas: Specials, Celebrations & More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - or at least, outside of the years where there’s a new Star Wars release. That’s right, Christmas is almost upon us and with it, a chance for many Star Wars fans to receive gifts that commemorate their love of the franchise. 

We know first-hand how special it is to watch your kids open their first apprentice lightsaber or to receive a Star Wars Christmas gift - but realistically we’re only going to tell you to buy our sabers and you know we want that anyway. 

Instead, let’s look at the ways Star Wars fans can celebrate Christmas whilst enjoying their favourite fictional franchise. With loads of games, activities and even the mythical Christmas special, there are some great ways to enjoy festive Star Wars vibes for the whole family. 

Here are our favourite…

The Star Wars Christmas Special

Let’s start with the best and worst thing ever. This is a legendary holiday special released in 1979, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s so laughably strange, so hilariously weird and so infamous that George Lucas threatened to have every surviving copy destroyed.  

Even in the title sequence you can tell how strange this is going to be. Harrison Ford as Han promises Chewbacca that he’ll get him home in time for ‘life day’ because he knows his family is impatient. Then we meet Chewie’s whole family, including ‘Itchy’ and ‘Lumpy’, who all spend most of the next ten minutes rambling at each other in incoherent Wookie speak. 

What follows next is a bizarre series of shoehorned festive storytelling that feels more like a fever dream than a real special. Capped off by a Leia-led ‘life day’ song, this is undoubtedly the strangest Star Wars film ever made. 

While the full film has been pulled from most official platforms, YouTube fans can’t help but share it. We’ve embedded one channel’s version below - but if it goes down, just search for it and be prepared. 

Samuel Kim’s Star Wars Christmas Music Mix

Carol of the Bells is a famous Christmas piece - but YouTube creator Samuel Kim takes it to new levels here. Blending with Vader’s Imperial March, Kim has created a 30-minute playlist that’s ideal for Star Wars fans to throw on when they want to feel festive without resorting to boring carols. 

DIY Star Wars Christmas Decorations

We all love to show off our love of all things Star Wars, and what better way than by hanging them out on our tree? In DIY Candy’s guide, you can follow along and create some cool looking C3PO and R2D2 themed baubles. The plucky duo might be wandering far away from the baking sun of Tattooine, but they’ll stay warm in your home regardless once you hang them pride of place.  

Visit DIY Candy to learn how to design them. 

Star Wars Christmas Party Games

Right - let’s settle something: you don’t need to be a kid to love party games. Especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. If you’re hosting Christmas this year and need ideas to delight fans of the franchise, we’ve got some great ideas. 

  1. Star Wars Piñata - use a football-shaped Piñata or paper Mache to build the initial shape. Reinforce that with layers of duct tape, then decorate it into a basic Death Star pattern. Once filled with sweets, set your guests on it with one of our duelling sabers. Remember: our sabers are designed for real-life saber duels and therefore your piñata needs to be pretty tough. 
  2. Star Wars Quiz - whether you’re going to award prizes or have it just for fun, a Star Wars quiz is a great way for fans to show off their knowledge and for you to test just how much people really know about Star Wars. Use IMBD’s Trivia section and other obscure facts to make it difficult. Tally up the scores and dub the winner the Jedi Master of your Christmas party. 
  3. Word association - this is best when there’s a consequence of some kind for the loser. Either way, the game is simple: one person starts with a word in the Star Wars universe and then, taking turns, people must say their own Star Wars word based on that one. The first person to stutter for too long, fail to say a word or say one that is not relevant must take the forfeit. For example, Player A could say ‘Master Yoda’, Player B ‘Green’, Player C ‘Lightsaber’ etc. 

Star Wars Drinking Game

Hosting an adult Christmas party, or want to get a bunch of adults in on the festive tradition of watching Star Wars films? Try this Star Wars drinking game, which incentivizes people to drink when certain actions happen during the movies. 

Covering Episode I: The Phantom Menace through to VI: Return of the Jedi, SS Online universe provides moments such as ‘whenever anyone ignites a lightsaber’, ‘mentions the dark side’ or even ‘says Skywalker’. Take a look at their list here. 

If you’re watching the newer sequels, or you’d just like to invent your own rules, you can mock them up easily based on things that happen often in the films. For example, The Force Awakens could see you drinking each time:

  1. Someone says ‘Rey’, ‘Ren’, ‘BB-8’ or ‘FN-2187’
  2. A stormtrooper is shot. 
  3. A lightsaber is switched on or off. 
  4. Chewbacca makes his classic wookie sound.
  5. Kylo Ren has a tantrum.
  6. A door is opened. 
  7. Down your drink when that scene with Han occurs. 

(Note: this adults-only addition is included via the blog author’s behest and is not officially recognised by Saberzone. Please drink responsibly.) 

Saber Duelling

Okay, you probably guessed we'd be including something that we offer here and you weren't wrong. 

But what other way of solving those family disputes that pop up at Christmas is as fun as saber duelling? Grab two of our duelling sabers and the first to 3 'touches' wins - simple as. 

Who does the washing up? Who gets to pick the Christmas movie? Why did you steal that Christmas cracker? All of these issues are made more exciting with a duelling saber in your hands. Buy yours now and next Christmas, you'll be ready. 



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