The Best Lightsabers for Duelling

The Best Lightsabers for Duelling

How to choose a lightsaber for real-life fighting

So, my young Padawan, you have reached a key stage in your learning. Here, you will undertake The Gathering – recovering and assembling the parts required to create our most sacred tool – the lightsaber.

As with every young apprentice, you will be keen on the idea of duelling. What better way to explore your skills than to choose a duelling lightsaber, one which will withstand the heaviest of battles and be relied on time and time again.

In the real world, finding a lightsaber replica for duelling can be difficult – many models have flimsy ‘blades’ that will fall apart when they collide with another. Some also lack the sound effects required to really immerse you in the idea of a jedi duel, which detracts from the fun – and who wants that?

Hilt selection

For a padawan, their journey begins with sourcing the right crystal and materials around which to construct their saber. For duelling, the hilt was required to be strong – usually favouring metal alloys. In the real-world, things are no different – the best lightsabers for duels must be strong enough to withstand impacts and accidents. Our hilts are crafted from aircraft grade aluminium, which results in a strong yet light hilt that can be battle-tested to your heart’s content.

Blade choice

A Jedi’s saber emits its blade as a result of the power cell and focusing crystal, with colour depending on the Padawan’s material selection. It can cut through almost anything – cauterizing even the worst of wounds in a single pass. Both Jedi and Sith lightsabers are designed to be duel-ready at any time, with some even favouring special enhancements such as Darth Vader’s dual-phase saber or Darth Maul’s dual-bladed saber.

When selecting your own lightsaber for fighting in the real-world, you unfortunately cannot enjoy an impossible energy blade that slices through everything. Instead, you need to select a replica that has a durable and dependable blade material that can withstand heavy impacts. Your lightsaber will be whacked, slammed and bashed against opponents and, let’s face it, pieces of furniture and walls when the mood strikes you. For that reason, you need something incredibly durable: which is why our Master Saber uses a blade made from the same polycarbonate as a riot shield.

Light and sound effects

If you’re choosing a saber to duel with in the real-world, you want something that helps mimic the thrill of two energy swords crashing together with that classic Star Wars thrum of air. Unfortunately, many lightsaber replicas are either completely silent and only emit a coloured light, or they’re too flashy and have poor collision detection so make ‘impact’ noise when you’re just swishing the air.

To get an accurate duel experience you need a lightsaber that ‘thrums’ through the air and then emits impact noise when it actually hits something. Like the Jedi themselves, you should be able to feel the force.

The Master Saber: the best lightsaber for duelling

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that we think our saber is the best for cosplay duels. Our lightsabers are duel-ready: built with the same high-grade materials as riot shields. They cannot be broken by human force, which means they’re ideal for your training and duelling needs. From the heaviest of cosplay battles to fighting off your siblings or friends at a party, we have designed our lightsabers for combat from the get-go. Better yet, you can even create a double-bladed lightsaber by buying two and attaching them together with the attachment at the bottom of your hilt.

With an unbreakable blade and a durable hilt that can be customised, as well as the ability to change blade colour included from the start (no upsell on colour-changing crystals needed!), the Master Saber is the perfect lightsaber for combat.



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