The Best Spies In Star Wars

The Best Spies In Star Wars

Andor has reignited our love of the extended Star Wars universe, where the majority of normal people regard Jedi and Sith as the stuff of legend and the real heroes are the soldiers, smugglers, leaders and spies that form the Empire and Rebel Alliance alike. 

In the Star Wars universe, espionage has always been a part of the story. From the theft of the Death Star schematics by the daring band of Rogue One through to the spies that allow Kylo Ren to intercept Rey during her trip to Maz Kanata's hideout, the galaxy's biggest conflict is often shifted to one side by the actions of a good spy. 

So which are the best? When the consequences of being caught include being force-choked or sizzled by lightning, the stakes are high indeed. These are our pick for the five best spies in Star Wars history... 

Cassian Andor

So yes, we're obviously going to start this list with perhaps the most infamous spy in Star Wars history. Cassian Andor is responsible for the success of the Rogue One mission and ultimately helps bring down the Death Star. Without him, the Empire's grip on the galaxy may have been final. 

Andor is an interesting man because he doesn't have the same clean-cut honour and morality that many other Star Wars protagonists exhibit. He is a survivalist and a realist who will do what he must to make it through. He is, however, fiercely loyal to friends and committed to the cause. 

It's perhaps telling that Andor is already touted as the best Star Wars show since The Mandalorian. Cassian is a magnetic character who draws you into the drama and makes you care about the galactic conflict going on around him. 

Padmé Amidala

When you're a queen, the last thing people expect is for you to also be a competent double-agent. Padmé was a skilled spy who gathered surveillance on Rush Clovis for the Jedi Council. 

While this was a one-off mission, Padmé shows all of the skills a spy may need throughout the franchise and we'd argue that if she'd been allowed to be anything other than queen and Senator, she would have been a great mercenary spy for hire. She was, after all, capable of surviving assassination attempts, keeping her marriage to Anakin secret and preventing her children falling into the Empire's hands despite everything around her crumbling away. 

Imperial Agent from The Old Republic

We're taking some liberties here, because this character is ultimately you - it's the playable class from The Old Republic MMORPG. However, whatever you decide to name them, the imperial agent's story is a great side of the Star Wars universe and your skills are an impressive mixture of sniping, infiltration and disinformation. 

During the storyline, you'll have to do everything from clean up after terrorist bombings through to masquerading as a Rebel spy. You'll see a new side to the galaxy - painted in shades of grey as opposed to the duality often depicted by the Jedi and Sith. 

In a world of handsome smugglers and charismatic leading roles, the Imperial Agent's storyline is one of subtlety, deception and intrigue and we think it's absolutely awesome. 

Kyle Katarn

A character who has been sorely ignored by the new Disney releases, Kyle Katarn is a very interesting part of the wider Star Wars universe. He was created for the game Dark Forces but has remained popular with fans.

Originally an imperial officer who defects to the Rebel alliance as an operative, Kyle becomes a lightsaber wielder and Force-sensitive combatant all without any formal Jedi training. Kyle's strength as a spy comes from his training in the Imperial academy, where he learned engineering and excelled with tools. He wasn't quite a 'spy' in his activities, however, instead being more of a mercenary who excelled in spy techniques. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Surprised to see this name here? You shouldn't be. Obi-Wan, despite his status as one of the most famed Jedi in history, was also a prolific spy who performed multiple special infiltrations and reconnaissance missions. Not only did he manage to get aboard the Dearth Star without Vader detecting him, but in his youth Obi-Wan also discovered the clones on Kamino. 

In recent years, the Disney+ show Kenobi also showed his stealthy skills off by using them to retrieve Princess Leia and outwit the empire once again.  

He might not have the yellow lightsaber often associated with stealthier, sneakier Jedi Sentinels, but Obi-Wan was undoubtedly one of the best Jedi spies the galaxy has ever seen. 

Who do you think the best spy in Star Wars is? Are you enjoying Andor? Let us know in the comments. If you want to wield a saber whilst retaining the stealth and guile of a spy, we've got an option for you...


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