The Best Star Wars Art In The Galaxy

The Best Star Wars Art In The Galaxy

With so many planets, places and people, Star Wars provides visual splendour on the big screen and the small screen alike. The art design of Star Wars is unique, blending science fiction and fantasy in a way that makes it visually distinct from other sci-fi shows. 

Much of that inspiration comes from artwork -- the concept Star Wars art that helped shape the early films. Even years later with the storyline fully established and a range of new shows coming out regularly, the art direction behind Star Wars remains consistently exceptional.

But in addition to the official artwork, fan art has now entered its own golden age. With more ways than ever to share artwork online and more technology at the tip of a digital artists fingers, there's a huge amount of great Star Wars art to see across the galaxy. 

Here are some of our favourites. 

Ralph McQuarrie's Star Wars Concept Art

Ralph McQuarrie could arguably be said to be the man responsible for the universe we all know and love. He is the original concept artist behind Star Wars and his art direction helped shape the series for years to come. Ralph has produced an incredible body of work that has set the tone for Star Wars. Here's a video by Slideshow Collectibles that showcases some of his work. 

Jake Bardot's Medieval Star Wars Art

Star Wars has plenty of fantasy inspiration - just consider the Jedi and their duelling lightsabers to see a clear call-back to the world of knights and nobility. Jake Bardot depicts many of the most famous characters in Star Wars in a medieval style, with the likes of Darth Vader mimicking Sauron from LOTR's armour style. 

Take a look at this video by The Lore Master to see some of the most striking examples of his art. 

Star Wars Legion Miniature Art by Chewie Painting

Star Wars Legion is a tabletop wargame set in the SW universe. In this video, we see a commission painter who paints miniature's for a living show off his amazing imperial army. Each of these figures has been painted by hand, with hours and hours of hard work poured into them. 

Miniature they may be, but the effort here is MASSIVE. Shout out to Chewie Painting and his wonderful showcase. 

Pinterest's Star Wars boards

User-created boards on Pinterest tend to be a mixed bag, since you can 'pin' virtually anything on the internet. In this board, curated by user Ronda Kirk, you'll see an array of fantastic Star Wars art from across the internet - all in one place for easy viewing. 


DeviantArt's fan gallery

If you just filter by Star Wars in DeviantArt's gallery, you'll find a stunning array of fan made creations that range from beginner to professional. It's a community-driven art website that sees lots of different artists show off their work and get feedback from others. If you've ever fancied drawing some Star Wars fan art, maybe upload it to DeviantArt for feedback. 

Saberzone's getting artistic too!

We tell you guys time and time again, but we really are fans of the franchise who built this site because we are passionate about Star Wars and sabers. To expand on these passions, we've started up a fun artistic venture too.

On, you can order bespoke drawings made from your own photographs that put you in the Star Wars world. We're not talking about a filter or anything - it's a team of real artists taking your brief and producing unique art. 

So whether you want a unique gift for the holidays, a piece of art to accompany your saber display or anything else, click here to visit the website and commission some bespoke Star Wars artwork. 

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