The Best Star Wars Bounty Hunters

The Best Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Lone wolves. Scoundrels. The Galaxy's most feared men and women. Like it or not, in a franchise full of heroes and villains, morally-flexible bounty hunters stand out.

There's just something about them. Whether you're talking the massive Boba Fett fandom that erupted for a character who barely talks in the Original Trilogy (OT), or the modern-day love for Disney's The Mandalorian, people can't get enough of Star Wars bounty hunters. 

But which are the best? Now that we've had the main films, spin-offs, series and more, which Star Wars bounty hunters make the list of the best? With The Mandalorian Season 2 now racing towards a climactic end, we thought we'd share our favourites....

Boba Fett

Look, you knew we were going to put him in the list. We all knew it, deep down. Despite the argument that Boba Fett is actually a pretty ineffective on-screen hunter (he doesn't really do much in the OT), he's inarguably one of the most iconic bounty hunters ever. 

His armour is so impressive that not only did it help sell action figures back in the original trilogy's day, it also paved the way for The Mandalorian in the modern day. 

Boba Fett, in the franchise, is the genetic clone of Jango Fett, who was a skilled Mandalorian bounty hunter - and also the original specimen for the clone troopers. Boba, unlike the other clones, was raised as Jango's son and became one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Galaxy with a special hatred towards Jedi for killing his father.

Best moments: capturing Han Solo in carbonite and his iconic armour. 

Cad Bane

Everybody looks cooler in a cowboy hat. Cad Bane is no exception - the bounty hunter from Duro starred in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and was as feared as Boba Fett during his prime in the Clone Wars era. 

Famous for carrying dual blaster pistols and having the merciless guile to hunt foes until the very ends of the galaxy, he was a skilled Jedi hunter. 

Best moments: stealing a Jedi holocron from Coruscant on the orders of Darth Sidious. 

Din Djarin

Known more commonly as 'Mando', Din Djarin is the Mandalorian who stars in the series of the same name. Refusing to remove his helmet, Mando could seem a soulless killer - but for his kindness and compassion which are shown regularly. 

It was not always that way, however - early in the series, Mando was a cold-blooded bounty hunter who was taking on work whenever he could. He was, admittedly, always working with a noble set of Mandalorian ideals in mind, which stopped him from ever seeming as cold as other bounty hunters.

Regardless, The Mandalorian has revived fan interest in both bounty hunters and the Mandalorians themselves. Din has a lot of skills to display - we see him wielding a long rifle, flamethrower, missile launcher and more throughout the series. But deep down, we've still got our fingers crossed that he'll recover the ancestral saber of Mandalore - the Darksaber. If you'd like one of your own, our Darksaber replica is the perfect option. 

Of course, all of Din Djarin's coolness is counterbalanced perfectly by his companion, known affectionately as baby Yoda (no spoilers, but his real name is now official too). 

Best moments: the series is still ongoing and we don't want to spoil anything - but the Mandalorian foundling has some incredible interactions with his sidekick that will leave you suffering from cuteness overload. 

Aurra Sing

Cross a bounty hunter with a combat lightsaber and you've got a wrecking machine. Despite her original backstory no longer being officially canon, the Star Wars Legends version of Aurra Sing is unique in all of the franchise. She was a Jedi padawan who left the Jedi order to become a bounty hunter, taking her lightsaber with her. 

Specialising in hunting Jedi and at some point mentoring Boba Fett on his way to becoming the Galaxy's most feared hunter, Aurra collected lightsabers as trophies. Yeah, you read that right - she collected the most advanced sabers of an elite order. As trophies! 

Aurra's origins were retconned and changed for The Expanded Universe, where she appears in The Clone Wars as a ruthless companion of Cad Bane. We prefer the original version, if only because there has never been another lightsaber wielding bounty hunter.

Best moments: successfully killing Reess Kairn, a fallen Jedi, in her own comic book series Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing. 


While this deadly robot was only a background character in the films, IG-88 is one of the scariest sounding bounty hunters ever written. The chief rival of Boba Fett, IG-88 massacred his creators the moment he was made. A merciless machine obsessed with killing, he could see in all directions thanks to his head sensors and was armed with a small arsenal of tools including an in-built flamethrower and toxic gas dispensers. 

For fans of the original trilogy, IG-88 may always go down as the biggest missed opportunity in the series. He was relegated to background character, but could have been an incredible sight if we'd gotten more of him. 

Best moments: seeing the same prop used for IG-88's head 


Who is your favourite bounty hunter? If there's any we didn't cover that you think is worthy of inclusion, let us know. 




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