The Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes

The Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Looking for the best Star Wars costume you can put together for Halloween? We’ve gathered inspiration from across the internet to present a combination of the best Star Wars costumes ever put together and some easy Star Wars Halloween costumes you can throw together for this year. 

Best Star Wars Yoda Costume

Do you have a kid? Want to exploit their cute-ness and score nerd points this Halloween? Why not go for the classic ‘Luke trained by Yoda’ scene,. All you need are some pointy ears, green face paint and a bit of imagination. 


Easy Star Wars Costume: Jedi Padawan

Want to cosplay as a Jedi Knight? Keep things simple with a Power Battle Saber and a clip-on hair braid. The outfit can be virtually anything - a pair of cargo pants with a loose white shirt and a pair of tan boots can capture the look of a Phantom Menace-era Obi Wan. Finish it all off with a brown dressing gown for a robe and you’re done!

You could always craft your own Jedi Robe like this great YouTube tutorial advises. But remember: a Jedi is nothing without his saber. Buy yours today: 


Star Wars Darth Maul Costume

Darth Maul is an iconic villain - and he looks striking enough to make any Halloween costume attempt memorable. His face is so colourful that you can get away with a simple outfit - as long as it’s all black. Follow along with this makeup tutorial and get yourself into the mind of the zabrak Sith with the dual-blade. 

Oh - and purchase the Pro-Rage saber so you’ve got an awesome Darth Maul replica lightsaber to wield. After all, without his double-blade, would he have gone down in history as one of the coolest villains ever?


Star Wars Costume For Ladies

Hey - there’s no need to specifically gender the Jed Order in Star Wars. Women can simply mimic our costume above and act out their Jedi Padawan dreams. But if you’re looking for a ladies-specific Star Wars costume, why not emulate the iconic heroine of the new franchise, Rey? 

Here’s a nice and simple Rey costume you can make at home. If you’d like to wield a lightsaber to emulate Rey’s journey, you can use our Power Battle Saber and select the colour - after all, Rey wields both a blue and then a yellow saber in the franchise. 

Last Minute Star Wars Costumes

Not got much time left and want to throw a costume together? This YouTuber Datev Gallagher has created 5 easy Star Wars costume ideas that you can throw together in a rush. We particularly like the Queen Amidala makeup look. 



With all these great costume ideas in mind, what look are you sporting for Halloween? Tag us on Facebook and let us know! 

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