The Best Star Wars Side Characters

The Best Star Wars Side Characters

The Best Star Wars Side Characters The Star Wars universe is expansive - with so many stories just begging to be told. In 2021, we’re lucky enough to see expanded versions of the universe across multimedia formats including books, TV series and games. In these, we get the opportunity to see side characters from the films explored in more detail. Boba Fett, for example, will soon get his own show - a sentence that would once have been solely a fan dream. With that in mind, what other side characters deserve some extra love? Here are Saberzone’s favourite Star Wars side characters - and some of our thoughts on how we’d like to see them explored further.

Jabba The Hutt

The Hutts are a mafia-style gang, and Jabba is the most prominent example of their cruel control over the planets they run. Jabba himself lives in an opulent palace with slaves and finery at his beck and call. But how did he get to be one of the Outer Rim’s most powerful crime lords? Much of Jabba’s background can be gleaned from books and articles online - but who better to form the shadowy overlord of a new series? His rise to power would make a phenomenal TV series - we’d love to see Jabba’s story in detail and it would fit perfectly with the more gritty aesthetic adopted by the Mandalorian.

Wedge & Biggs

Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter are both x-wing pilots in the rebellion. While Biggs sadly dies in A New Hope, Wedge manages to survive to fire shots against both versions of the death star. These two pilots help build the picture of the rebellion as a band of brothers who are trying to create hope - a motley crew of people and pilots united in their desire to rid the galaxy of the empire. Biggs is also the man responsible for telling Luke Skywalker about the rebellion, according to a deleted scene in A New Hope. Both pilots deserve more - and we’d love to see more of Biggs in particular. In the recent (and excellent) Star Wars Squadrons, Wedge makes a return. Unfortunately, Biggs has been relegated to history. We’d love to see that rectified with some media about Biggs first joining the rebellion.

Kit Fisto

One of this author’s favourite Jedi, Kit Fisto is really underutilised in the prequels. He’s a Jedi master of the Nautolon race - a far less annoying version of the Gungans. Kit is a unique looking Jedi and one of those who we wish we could have seen more of before he met his match at the hands of Palpatine. According to lore, Kit was one of the most talented duellings in the Jedi Order - but sadly we see very little of this in his appearances. He preferred Lightsaber Form I, known as Shii-Cho, to hold off multiple attackers at once.

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

Who else remembers the Mos Eisley cantina scene in A New Hope? Everyone? Yeah - we thought so. The cantina scene is what shows us how truly alien the Star Wars universe is, giving us a glimpse of all manner of weird creatures through Luke’s eyes. But through all of it, the iconic cantina song is what we all remember best. The band playing? That’s Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, all members of the Bith race. The leader, Figrin, is known as ‘Fiery’ Figrin due to his bossiness. Now, why have we included a bunch of musicians who don’t even speak in this list? Surely, dear reader, you can see how epic a series following the band through the Outer rim would be? We’d love to see the Star Wars universe explored through the eyes of travelling musicians who get to meet some of the most famous characters in the franchise. They even played in Jabba’s palace for a stint. I’d also accept Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo band from Jabba’s palace. If they covered the cantina tune.


Tatooine’s most famous pod-racer, Sebulba is a ferocious competitor who despises little Anakin Skywalker. Perhaps he knew before any of us what Anakin would grow to be - or maybe he was just a mean spirited guy. Either way, Sebulba comes across as an antagonist - but how fun would exploring his story be? Imagine a Fast and Furious style series or film about Pod-racing, documenting Sebulba’s rise to the top. He began his life as a slave before he became the sport’s biggest name - which would make a compelling story that shows the darker side of the Star Wars universe.

General Grievous

Okay, so this list, aside from Jabba, has tried to stick to very small parts. General Grievous gets a lot more screen time than most - but he’s such a cool character it seems a shame he isn’t explored in more detail. You’re in luck! Grievous is featured in the animated The Clone Wars - but not nearly enough in our opinion. Plus, with his sinister backstory and purpose as a hunter of Jedi, we’d love to see him explored in more detail in a serious, almost noir-style series. Perhaps an episodic one that saw him amass his collection of various types of lightsabers. Remember, wasn’t always a cyborg. This tragic character would make a fine addition to the expanded live action series.

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