The Best Star Wars YouTube Channels To Follow

The Best Star Wars YouTube Channels To Follow

As fans of the Star Wars franchise, we all spend time watching various videos about the series: whether that's some obscure lore, a favourite song (Duel of the Fates, anyone?) or even a montage of saber duels.

In one of our more successful articles, we covered fan-made Star Wars films available on YouTube. With that in mind, we also thought it'd be time to recognise the best Star Wars creators on YouTube - the people whose passion for the franchise leads them to produce great content that we all adore. 

So let's get started....

Star Wars Theory 

With almost 3 million subscribers at the time of writing, this is a BEAST of a channel which focuses on breakdowns and lore - but has also grown so large it produces its own original work. This includes the excellent Vader fan film mentioned in our other article - go and watch it now if you haven't. 

This channel is a must follow for those who like their lore. A theory around Snoke and Palpatine's connection formed the origin of Star Wars Theory and ever since, original theories and great insight have formed the crux of his content. 

MIke Zeroh

Unlike Star Wars Theory, which is more animation and footage driven, Mike Zeroh is more of a traditional 'face to camera' YouTube host who delves into news concerning Star Wars. Mike's personality and clickbait-laden headlines are a little overbearing at times, but he's a solid source of news and a great content creator who is clearly passionate about the series. 

Leia's Lair

An underrated account which focuses on embracing Star Wars' vast amount of content with lore, gaming and exciting news, Leia's channel is a fantastic follow for us lightsaber fans. Considering she's all about lightsaber colours, forms, Star Wars species etc, this channel is a must for those who want to bring Star Wars into their real lives (which we're guessing is you, if you're browsing our sabers.

Star Wars (Official)

The official Star Wars channel is an absolute monster in terms of subscribers - 3.54m at the time of writing. It also offers the highest production values, the biggest panels for discussions and of course, the most factual information available.

It's an easy channel to recommend. After all, they share the latest news from the franchise without any risk of misinformation, since it's straight from the official source. However, that also means it can't really offer all of the wild fan theories and exciting lore deep dives so beloved by fans. Remember that sometimes, other channels not beholden to Disney's regulations actually break news faster than this channel. 




Combining the lore and history deep dives we all love with traditional YouTuber 'face to camera' formats, HelloGreedo is a wonderful channel and this author's personal favourite. Who else would host a channel with over 200,000 subscribers whilst wearing a Stormtrooper helmet for the duration?  

The reason this channel is so beloved is for the no-frills, pull-no-punches approach from someone who comes across as a true fan of the franchise who isn't in it for the views or the controversy - but genuinely loves Star Wars. 


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