What Does A Green Lightsaber Mean?

What Does A Green Lightsaber Mean?

The colour of a lightsaber is not as important as it once was. Where the old, now non-canon 'Legends' mythos was concerned, lightsaber colour was directly reflective of certain Jedi class systems. Despite the update to the lore that saw Legends relegated to history, lightsaber colour choices continue to have impact. 

After all, how can we ignore the importance of colour in our daily lives? Even if you remove the lore entirely, a red lightsaber evokes a feeling totally different from a blue one. 

Our lightsabers don't lock you into a certain colour - we offer freely colour changing blades where you simply cycle through colours until you find the one you like and 'lock it in' while you use it. If you tire of that colour, just change it as it suits you. 

That freedom of choice means our customers are often asking "what does a green lightsaber signify?" so they can decide if it reflects their style. The only way to find out is to delve into the ex-canon lore and modern storyline to determine an answer to the following: what does a green lightsaber mean? 

Green in the ex-canon lore

Before much of the most well-loved Star Wars lore was relegated to ex-canon 'Legends' material, green lightsabers were associated with the class of Jedi Consular. The Jedi Consular was a class of Jedi attuned to the Force who specialised in diplomacy, almost 'mystic' in their approach and sort of like a monk class in an RPG. 

In the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can play through a Jedi Consular's storyline which reflects this idea by putting you into lots of political negotiations and tricky situations that you can't just slash your way out of. 

Green sabers have been seen on screen in the hands of Jedi who reflect the consular ethos. The diminutive master of Degobah, Yoda, has a green lightsaber and utilises LOTS of force techniques throughout the series. Qui-Gon Jinn, famed for his calm demeanour and faith in the Force, also used a green saber.

Luke Skywalker returns from his defeat at Cloud City with a green lightsaber, signifying a new stage in his journey and demonstrating even further command of the force. 

Green as a symbol

Green is a colour that represents nature, growth and renewal. Ignoring the story entirely, Jedi who wield green sabers tend to be seen as calm, peaceful and in command of themselves. Green is a beautiful colour and stands out from the typical blue/red lightsaber whilst still clearly signifying a light-side Jedi.

The real truth behind green lightsabers

The real rumoured reason for green lightsabers is sadly more mundane than you'd hope. When editing The Return of The Jedi, the filmmakers decided that Luke's blue lightsaber looked bad against the bright blue sky of Tatooine and therefore switched it for a green saber. 

Nowadays, choosing a green lightsaber is more about how the colour resonates with you. For this author, it's a light-side tone that evokes a sense of peace, entirely unique when compared to the standard blue. It's arguably my favourite colour for a lightsaber and I love to swing mine around in the dark where it really stands out. 

If you'd like a green lightsaber of your own, remember that all of our sabers offer simple colour changing at the touch of a button. Browse the sale section now for some fantastic discounts. 


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