What does a purple lightsaber mean?

What does a purple lightsaber mean?

We're going again in our series on lightsaber colour theory. This time, we're looking at the unusual purple lightsaber -- a rare option only seen on screen when wielded by Mace Windu. Originally missing from the first trilogy, the purple saber was introduced in the prequels and has since become a popular choice. 

But like with all lightsaber colours, there's plenty of speculation as to what it means. While it may not be as simple as the red = bad connection we discussed last time, the purple saber does have certain connotations that impact the wielder. 

Let's take a look at the meaning behind the purple lightsaber, including the now ex-canon Legends series and the modern canon. In addition, we'll also look at the real-world explanation for the colour and why it became so synonymous with Master Windu. 

Ex-canon purple lightsaber meaning

In the Legends storyline of Star Wars, Mace Windu constructed the purple lightsaber after he was granted Force visions of its creation as a youth. He went to the planet Hurikane, where he ended up fighting one of the natives. These natives were crystalline insectoids and when they fought, Windu shattered him. He then rebuilt the alien using the Force. In recognition of his deeds the natives granted him the purple crystal he used in his lightsaber. 

Canon purple lightsaber meaning

The new canon of the updated Disney Star Wars universe sees lightsabers taking on their colour due to the emotions and energy of the wielder. In Legends, the crystal's colour determined the blade colour but in the new lore, all crystals are clear until the Jedi attunes to them.

Purple is a colour that alludes to the Dark Side as well as the light, with red from the Sith part of the mix. This is suited to Mace Windu, a combatant who was known for his furious attacking and affinity for both sides of the Force. He was a rare individual who understood the dark side, resisted it and utilised some of the strength and passion usually reserved for the Sith.

The true reason for purple lightsabers

The real life reasoning behind purple sabers is perhaps a little less exciting than you'd hoped. While blue and red colours were chosen in the original trilogy because they were the best on screen, purple came about because of one actor's preferences. 

That's right - Samuel L. Jackson just likes the colour purple and wanted it to be part of his character. He also reasoned that The filmmakers agreed to this and the legend of Mace Windu and his purple saber was born. 

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