What lightsaber colour are you?

What lightsaber colour are you?

Lightsaber’s take their colour from the crystal its owner selects. Our own lightsaber design allows you to pick whatever colour you want from built-in colour selectors, so you are not tied to one style.

However, if you were locked to one colour, what would it be? Your blade colour says a lot about your personality – with certain colours conveying certain connotations. Red sabers, for instance, are always wielded by Sith.

To find out what saber colour you are, you need to understand what each colour means and then see if it aligns with your personality. Here are the main lightsaber colours featured throughout the Star Wars universe and what they mean.

Blue Lightsabers

Used to signify a Jedi Guardian in the days of the Jedi, this colour is for those who use the force on a more physical level, dispending justice throughout the galaxy. In the later days of the Jedi, the Jedi Guardian class no longer existed and instead blue was chosen as a personal choice.

However, with blue wielded by both Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the colour has come to signify justice and heroism in the franchise.

Is blue your saber colour?

Choose a blue saber if:

  • You have a strong sense of right and wrong
  • You like to engage in debate but always try to see both sides
  • You are good at heart and want to see criminals brought to swift justice

Green Lightsabers

Jedi Consulars in the Old Republic used a green saber to convey their mastery of the mental side of the force. Favouring meditation and negotiation, the colour denoted a wielder that was at peace with the force and would be able to use it effectively in combat if required.

Green saber’s also represent rebirth in the franchise – with Luke Skywalker’s green saber appearing when he storms Jabba’s palace to rescue Han Solo and bring justice to the criminals.

Is green your saber colour?

Choose a green saber if:

  • You enjoy meditation and developing your mind
  • You are a peaceful person who avoids conflict if possible
  • You know when to act and when not to

Red Lightsabers

Red sabers are famous for their association with evil. Wielded by the Sith and dark Jedi, red sabers represent power. The crystals that power them were synthetically made and were designed to maximise power.

Every darkside user in the film franchise used a red blade, but in the expanded universe we see some variations such as orange.

Is red your saber colour?

Choose red if:

  • You have a quick temper
  • You like to charge head-on into conflict
  • You want to look absolutely badass – let’s face it, red sabers are incredibly cool

Purple Lightsabers

Purple sabers blend the philosophies of the dark and light side, mixing the blue and red of each side to create a saber that represents balance. Wielded by Master Mace Windu, the purple saber favours a more aggressive form of combat but the mental restraint of the jedi.

Is purple your saber colour?

Choose purple if:

  • You are a balanced individual who sees life from both sides
  • You like a more physical and aggression-based combat form
  • You want to cosplay as Mace Windu, one of the coolest jedi of all time

Yellow Lightsabers

Yellow lightsabers were wielded by Jedi sentinels, their focus placed entirely on balance between combat and knowledge. Sentinels were a class of the Jedi Order that engaged in learning beyond the force – focusing on security systems, stealth and medicine.

Is yellow your saber colour?

Choose yellow if:

  • You’re a bit of a bookworm and love to study
  • You can think your way out of problems rather than fight them

Orange Lightsabers

Orange sabers are all about physical strength – it is a colour that signifies power and strength and is exclusively wielded by strong Jedi such as Lowbacca. 

Is orange your saber colour?

Choose orange if:

  • You like to hit the gym regularly
  • You like to choose strength-focused characters in video games
  • You want to be a wookie Jedi warrior!

Which lightsaber colour is right for you?

There are many more colours featured in the Star Wars universe – driven by the wide variation of Ilum crystals and the fracturing of the Jedi order. The main colours above are all good choices for cosplayers, but some specialist options such as the black Darkblade might appeal to someone looking for a more unique cosplay outfit.

Remember: when you buy our Power Battle Saber, you don’t need to feel ‘locked-in’ to a colour. You can choose the one that suits your cosplay or mood that day, then
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