What To Look For In A Real Life Lightsaber

What To Look For In A Real Life Lightsaber

What To Look For In A Real Life Lightsaber

There have already been some great attempts to replicate lightsabers in our own world. Most of these attempts involve flames or lasers that can cut balloons and paper - making them too both dangerous for the general public and a little underwhelming. Let’s face it: compared to a Star Wars lightsaber’s cutting power, burning holes in paper or popping a balloon is a bit...weak?

If you’re a fan and looking for a real life lightsaber, sadly we can’t offer realistic energy blades that can cut through virtually anything. We can, however, offer the best replica combat lightsabers on the market - made from durable materials and fitted with reliable electronics. 

It’s easy for us to tell you we’re the best - but what makes that the case? When selecting a real life lightsaber, there are some important elements to consider:

What colour lightsaber do you want? 

Blade colour is important to every Jedi and Sith - but can end up resulting in huge costs for a real life collector if you are locked into a single colour when you buy your saber. Perhaps this year you want a red-bladed saber, then you change your mind (as you so rightly should, you dark side villain!) and want a blue one? You’d have to purchase another saber or blade.

You can read our lightsaber colour choice article and then head elsewhere to buy a saber and get locked into a single colour - or you can just buy our Power Battle Saber and enjoy the freedom to change colours at will. 

Will you want to duel with it?

A real life lightsaber replica should be something you can wield without fear of breaking it. Some expensive variants are made with blades that cannot stand up to any kind of punishment - which is no fun even if you just want to swing it around your house.

For cosplayers and duellists, however, durability is a must. You need a lightsaber that has a blade you can smash against another without fear of breaking mid-duel. Our blades, for example, are made of riot-shield grade polycarbonate and can withstand a huge amount of pummelling. 

Our sabers are also engineered to meet the LudoSport official regulations - which is a saber combat league that takes the quality of blades seriously. 

Will you want to customise your saber?

Buying a real life lightsaber can be a significant purchase - you’re likely willing to spend more to get a quality saber rather than buying a cheap plastic replica. However, many of these more premium options are fixed - unable to be customised unless you spend far more money on a totally custom lightsaber.

Obviously, you can always just buy a saber such as our Power Battle Saber and add some personalisation through hilt tape or something relatively simple. But if you truly want customisation without breaking the bank, use our saber builder and create your own real life lightsaber entirely to your own tastes, with a choice of hilt, emitter, blade, pommel and more. 

Have you considered electronics?

Most modern sabers feature electronics of some kind that power the SFX and lighting. However, some of these use battery power and are not entirely accurate. Even official products can offer sub-par sound that wavers when you flick your saber through the air.

For an authentic real life lightsaber experience, you need something that is powered properly. Our USB-charging capacity means a reliable power source for your saber that is easy to maintain - rather than fiddling with batteries. 

Our electronics system also offers a full array of sound and colour settings - giving you total freedom when you’re wielding your saber.

Buy your real life lightsaber

While we are unfortunately quite a distance away from the elegant cutting power of a real lightsaber, Saberzone is trying to provide the next best thing. We have created our very own range in the Power Battle Saber, giving wielders a unique lightsaber that goes above and beyond any others in competing price brackets - and have launched our Saber Builder function to allow total customisation. If you’re looking for a real life lightsaber, choose our combat sabers and experience battle-ready sabers that can withstand the most gruelling duels (or just smacking them off your sofa - whichever suits your tastes!) 


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