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Which Sith Are You?

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Michael Robinson

Sith status: lawful Evil

Attacking an opponent is at a last resort, strongly avoiding an explosive, uncontrollable, shocking & devastating response.

The one & only sign of needing to prepare for defense is given in a split-second look in my face of pure, unadulterated Hatred, immediately followed by a simultaneous, single strike & ignition of my saber straight forward into the center of body, in one motion swaying upward 10* degrees to my right side exiting the body, simultaneously retracting arm & blade, resuming a passive posture ending my opponent all within a split second 😎

DeJuan Gitchuway


Edward Birmingham

Darth Vader


I’m a Jedi master called master panther, I have the power of speed and sharpen mind ,

Dene Presley
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