Every story has a beginning... here's ours!

We started Saberzone from a simple love for the StarWars universe and the desire to provide the ultimate lightsaber experience at a fair price - after all, you shouldn't have to smuggle Imperial credits to purchase a high-quality lightsaber.

From our humble beginnings of being a family-ran-brand, we have grown far beyond our British home, becoming a leading global lightsaber brand holding stock in the USA and EU. And it's all thanks to you guys!

We focus on building lightsabers with the best electronics, designs and durability, to provide the very best lightsaber experience possible, built for adventure, show, and (of course) duelling.

Above all else, we are where we are because of our fellow StarWars fans and we are infinitely appreciative of the support from you so that we can live out our dream: to bring peace and freedom to the galaxy.

Tom Webster
Founder | CEO

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